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June 22, 2010


So on Sunday we did our grocery shopping. My intent was to do it Saturday, but the ER visit put a stop to all my plans.  We opted to do it Sunday that way I could get help from everyone including my husband.  Over all I'm fine, but walking for long periods of time is proving to be painful on the knee. It's not really the knee itself but the pull I'm feeling on the abrasion.

Anyway so we were in the store and Web-princess said I have to go potty. We sent her to the bathroom by herself. Mind you we were just several feet way and we could see the bathroom. So we were standing there waiting for Web-princess and Superstar. We, my husband and I, were standing at an end of a asile and had sent Superstar up the aisle for sugar and sent Web-princess the other way to the bathroom.

As we were standing there we heard this blood curling cry: MOMMY!!!!!

It turn out to be web-princess in the bathroom. DH ran to the bathroom then I followed. A lady that was shopping got there slightly before us. I just got there and hugged her. DH since I was there, went back to  the cart and Superstar.

Why for this blood curling scream?? Well it turns out none of the bathroom stalls would shut, close properly, so Web-princess was try to leave the bathroom itself. However she kept locking the door (pushing in the button) thus couldn't get it open.  Because every time she pushed in the button it locked the door. She would turn the handle and it would unlock, but she wasn't turning it enough to actually "open" the door. She was basically screaming because she thought she was locked in.

That reminded us of a few years ago when she thought she was locked in the car. That time she had enough wit about her to honk the car horn so we would hear her.  Looking back on it we can laughed and explain to her how she really can't be lock in when the lock in on her side. LOL

DH later Saturday night shared.  I wish at time she was more independent, but after today I realized she just needs us right now. She really is dependent on us, and right now there is nothing wrong with that.

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  1. Yikes! My 8 year old has done stuff like that and it terrifies her!


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