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June 29, 2010

May need NEW braces!?!

Well today we seen the surgeon. We discussed Superstar's limping late last week. We also learned that he has techinically outgrown his braces! UGH! (Growing boys!)

1) The limping: I mention last week after running and playing Superstar started to limp. We have learned that the limping was most likely the result of him overworking and stress the muscles while he played. Seeing he's pretty much fine today and has really no pain, I was told not to stress over it. If it happens again, to give him Mortin and some rest over the next few days like we did. Of course if it get worst, or if there is swelling, or other things outside of what we experince then we are to give the surgeon a call.

2) He has outgrown his braces already! These things are not cheap, they are about $900-$1,000 PER brace! He wears 2 of them, so each set is $1,800-2,000.

See how his big toes stick out? Well they are NOT suppose to be like that. So we may have to get new braces soon. The surgeon on one hand doesn't want to order up a new prescription for braces, because as of today he's thinking we MAY be done with them come THIS October.  On the other hand, we don't want Superstar to be in something that doesn't "fit" properly.

His toes sticking out over the end of the braces does not effect the function of the brace. The brace is STILL functional and is STILL doing it's job! So we decided as long as Superstar is not bothered or getting 'sores' from the braces as they are we'll leave them. If it becomes a discomfort then we'll get a script for a new braces. If he develops pressure sores again then we'll get a new braces instead of another adjustment, like we did last week.  Generally braces can last about 12 months, but that's not the case if you are a growing boy! (He's only have had his braces for 6 months).  

The cool thing about it is the doctor said that we don't have to go in for the brace if it comes to that . All we have to do is call and he'll fax the script to the orthist that makes Superstar's braces.  So we do not have to see the surgeon again until the end of October.  At the end of October we MAY be giving life with no braces a try.

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