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June 19, 2010

Tolls, Abrasions, ER room

Who knew that a toll would cause me to fall? The fall would give me some nasty abrasions that landed me in the ER via an ambulance ride? On the way to the hospital they check my blood sugar for diabetes, took my pulse, and blood pressure. Everything check out fine, but they determined that I would need a tetanus shot and sent me home after a few hours. My right leg is raw and my stomach still feels yucky, but I AM OKAY!

So what does this have to do with a toll? Well you see I was at a local high school for my niece's dance recital. It was a beautiful recital and she did an awesome job. I had left the building, walked passed the drop off drive, up the small flight of stairs, across the side walk, and 1/2 through the parking lot to my car. When I realized I didn't have change for the toll.

I decided that I was going to the store on my way home and the easiest and quickest way to the store was the tollway.   I realized that I needed 60 cents for the toll ramp that I was going to get off on. I only had $3.00 all of it bills. So I decided to turn around and go back into the building to see if my mom, sister, brother in law, grandma or any of my brother in laws family had change for my dollar so I could take the toll.

I walked across the parking lot, across the sidewalk, and started my way down the stairs, when I lost my footing and totally took face forward dive down the stairs. I slid across bit of side walk across the bottom of the stairs. My hand landed just pass the curb of the drive between the stairs and the building.

Some bystanders, that seen my fall, helped me gather my things including the dollar I was holding. They were helping across the drive when I looked up and seen my mom. I looked at her and said "Mom I need help!".

She decided to try to get me to her van, because it was closer then my car. We made it pass the drive again and started back up the stairs. At that moment, I started to feel sick to my stomach and dizzy. I felt like I was going to pass out. I never did pass out but I was pretty near it. It was at that point that they, the people with me, decided I needed an ambulance.

You already know the outcome of that ER visit. So who knew that a toll and some abrasions would land someone in the ER via ambulance? Of course this is not one bill I'll look forward too.

It might seem like the ambulance was over kill and unnesesary but truthfuly I was out of it. They needed to test me for diabetes because of my weight. I'm over weight by a a hundred or so pounds. It's not unusual for overweight people to have diabetes. It was scary, my knee and leg still burn, nearly 9 hours later. They do not look pretty. Again I'm fine. :) I'm not totally sure why they felt I needed a Tetanus shot. I fell on some cement, gravel, and blacktop.

Oh that was funny. The hosipal nurse asked me if I had a tetanus shot within the last 10 years when I was there. I thought about it and told her 'I don't believe so'. She then looked at me and said "Did you graudate High School?" Confused on what this had to do with Tentus, said "Yes???". She then said well you would have had a Tentus shot your freshmen-softmore year.  Very confused, at this point because umm...I'm 30 (almost 31) I graduated high school 13 years ago, and what does this have to do with tetanus??

Before I could say anything more to the nurse she looked on my chart and exclaimed "Oh you didn't look that old!" "I mean you look much younger then your age, you'll need to get a tetanus shot."  Not exactly sure how old she thought I but at least I understood why she asked me if I graduated high school. LOL


  1. It seems that we both had an experience with ER. My physician got some comments on my age too, but not so nice like nurse. :) Hope you will feel better soon.

  2. OH MY POOR NIKKI!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am so so sorry this happened!!!!
    When you mentioned nausea, I thought for SURE you had broken a bone as that is the classic sign!!!! Do your ribs hurt?!? Did they x-ray them?

    I am so glad your mom was there and others to help you!!!! My poor friend!
    Many prayers for your recovery!!!!!

  3. No x-rays.... no pain in ribs, upper body, head, etc. Just one killer knee!


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