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March 27, 2009

curriculum for 2009-2010

As I was saying at the end of Feb I was going to be buying our curriculum for what will be our 2009-2010 school year. The new school year will actually start July 2009. I have decided that we will homeschool ALL year. Our school year will consist of 34 weeks with 6-8 weeks off in-between school years. (Of course there will be breaks/vacations during those 34 weeks)

Living in Illinois I'm required by law to teach the following subjects: Language arts, biological and physical science, math, history and social sciences (which shall include a course in the U.S. and Illinois Constitution), fine arts, health and physical development. So I thought that I would give a run down of what I've decided to use for the new school year!!

First there is some some subjects that I'm going to do together.

Devotionals/Saints (For Both):
  • Devotionals Stories for Little Folks
  • Devotionals Stories for Little Folks 2
  • Great Saints In World History
Language Arts
  • My Catholic Speller Level B (for my 3rd grader)
  • My Catholic Speller Level A (for my 2nd grader)
  • Language of God Level B (for my 3rd grader)
  • Language of God Level A (for my 2nd grader)
  • Hooked on Phonics (1993) (for both)
  • Literature~me reading various novels to the kids~ (for both)
  • Literature ~them reading various books to me~ (for both)
  • Science Easy 1, 2, 3 (Both)
  • Behold and See 3 (for my 3rd grader)
  • Science 2 for little folks (for my 2nd grader)
  • MCP Math Level C (for my 3rd grader)
  • MCP Math Level B (for my 2nd grader)
  • Math Facts NOW~PC game~ (for both)
  • Catholic Faith Comes to the Americas (for my 3rd grader)
  • Our Father's World (for my 2nd grader)
  • Maps, Charts, Graphs C (for my 3rd grader)
  • Maps, Charts, Graphs B (for my 2nd grader)
Fine Arts
  • ???
Health and Physical Development
  • Homeschool Family Fitness (for both)
  • Sports and/or classes such as dance, swimming, etc (for both)
All the material that I'm using can be bought either at CHC or Seton. The only subject area that I do not have covered is fine arts. I'm just not sure what to do there yet. Perhaps some of my readers will be able to offer some ideas!!!


  1. Thanks for posting this! I was just talking over this same idea, homeschooling all year, with the kids and we are in the beginning stages of planning. I use the Seton curriculum and supplement here and there. For Fine Arts, if you have one, check with your local art museum. They may have programs you can sign the kids up for or attend special sessions that are for school groups. I know in Baltimore (where I was stationed last) the museum offered some programs for homeschoolers for free. Also think about music appreciation. You can pretty much put together your own curriculum on that one. We watch old musicals and listen to different types of music and then have discussions about the instruments used, lyrics and how the music used in a musical enhances the story. Good Luck!

  2. We love CHC! We're using them again next year for 2nd grade and adding in Prima Latina and the first volume of Story of the World.

    I think CHC has an art appreciation program? That might count as part of the fine arts curriculum.

  3. As for fine arts: Seton does have some good art books as well...and I was able to swing some basic "recorder" lessons...the recorders don't cost much...and the music is EASY to read...you could learn a bit ahead of time, then teach the kids...we actually worked our way up to playing a little concert of "The Little Drummer Boy" (with my son accompanying us on the guitar) for DH as a Christmas gift! HE LOVED IT...just two simple ideas for ya'.
    And, as for Homeschool Family Fitness...I have a brand new copy, so DON'T SPEND THE MONEY...email me your address, and you can have it!

  4. This comment is to your reader "Katie" (sorry for leaving it here, but I couldn't find a blog or email link for her in her profile)
    Katie...first of all, WELCOME TO THE CHURCH!!!
    Secondly, if you wouldn't mind stopping by my DAILY BLESSINGS site
    There's a member there named "Shawntele"...she is curious about Story of the World...and I'm not familiar with it...perhaps you could leave her a comment on her profile page at my site and tell her how you like/don't like the book....THANKS!

  5. Love your CHC choices, great program. I agree with Judy the Seton's artbooks are sweet. My children have also enjoyed Draw Write Now and the Usborne how to draw books. If they like coloring and you like to incorporate saints storys while they color, OLVS.org has some sweet, traditional religious coloring books that you can really expand on.

    Thanks for coming by my blog. I look forward to visiting yours again!


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