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March 28, 2009

It's public television!

It's public television, or at least that's what my DD was calling it. It was a real hoot last night!

Yesterday we spent some times at my my grandparents house and they gave an OLD portable 5 inch black and white TV with AM/FM radio. We were not able to get the TV to pick up our local channels due to the DTV switch. (We had a feeling that it would be that way seeing all of our local channels have already switched)

DH had a bright idea to hook up the PS2 to the TV seeing it had audio/video port. We did it really as a joke but the kids ATE IT UP! They had a blast sitting in front of this little TV and playing their PS2. My DD (7) kept calling this TV the PUBLIC Television! Once the PS2 was hooked up to it she was no longer playing PS2, but PUBLIC games!

She kept saying over and over again "I'm playing PUBLIC games on the PUBLIC Television". Oh, my gosh DH and I had a HUGE belly laugh over this one, seeing we know what public television really is!!

For whatever reason she had it in her head that this was "public" television. Perhaps, because it's portable?? I don't know really but it was a great laugh.

Pictures of this moment can be seen on my website.

1 comment:

  1. That is the cutest story ever...I am belly laughing along with ya' !!!
    Reminds me of the time my son found some of my old albums, and cried out, "Hey you guys, LOOK! Mom has GIANT CD'S!!!!!!!!!"
    ha ha ha ha
    PLEASE tell me your grandparents have an 8-track player too...if they do...I'm traveling!


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