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July 26, 2012

Wall book and running

I think my children have Facebook envy. Well at least my daughter does. She has decided to make wall book. She's hoping family will post messages on her wall book.

I posted a message on there this morning telling her to clean her room. You know what? She actually cleaned it! It looks very nice.

She wrote on her wall her excitement about giving cross country running a go. We found a local club to join. Well we actually found two. One is just for homeschoolers the other is for anyone.

We decided to go with the one that is open to anyone because my daughter is not sure if she want to compete at meets. If she just wants to run and be apart of the group then it is free for us. If she decides she wants to compete then it will cost us a little bit of money for an uniform and entry fees for the meets.

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  1. This post was made via the phone too. I'm not happy with the picture quality.


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