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July 9, 2012

CAT scores

Well a few weeks ago I gave my kids a CAT test. I mainly gave them this test because my husband requested it. I used Seton Testing Services so each test cost $25 and I was able to administer the test myself.  Seton Testing Services sent me the booklets, detail instructions, and scanable answer sheet for the kids to fill out. I had to send all the materials back to them. They scored the test and sent me the results.

In the mail today I received the results. Superstar scored average on everything but math. For math he scored above average.Web-Princess scores were average except on those areas that required reading.  Those areas she scored below average. I totally expected this from her because of her struggles in reading over the years. We have seen improvement, but I know that improvement is still below 'grade' level.

As their teacher I already had an idea of where they would fall, I didn't need these test to tell me that. I gave the kids the test because my husband wanted them done. He wanted something to show where the kids are with their schooling.

I know that many within the homeschool community don't care for standardize testing, because they can at time don't show a child's true measure of knowledge. This is especially true if the child does not test well. Some people know matter how bright they are never do well on test.

Thankfully I live in state that does NOT require me to use standardize testing. This was done purely for our own knowledge.

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