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March 7, 2011

Why haven't I been blogging? That is the question for the ages!!

So recently my husband out of the blue said to me "February 16th; February 16th what a shame!" or something along those lines. Confused I said to him, "What are you talking about?" He cheekily replied that's the last time you blogged I'm very disappointed!  Yes it's been nearly a month since I've blogged last.

I'm not sure why other then I don't think there is much to blog about lately. Homeschooling is homeschooling nothing new really going on, nothing exciting. Of course my kids have witty things to say and I'm sure some of my reader miss reading those witty things, but I just haven't been drawn to blog about it.

My nephew is here now and that's really not and excuse for not blogging. He's been here only for a week. My lack of blogging has been much longer then that. My nephew, little man, is a real gem! I'm thrilled to have him here! Although, I am not thrilled with the reasons he's here! Prayers for my sister. I can't share much about what's going on with her deployment other then it's pretty scary for her. We have been able to do video chat via skype so not only do I get to talk to to her, but I get to see her and you can see she's stressed out from the environment. I worry about what post-war will be like for her.  For the last 2 months Little Man has been at my Mom's, and after 2 months here he'll go back to my Moms. We are going to rotate homes every 2 months until my sister's 1 year deployment is done.

On a personal front I've decided to tackle my weight and other health issues again! This time I'm using sparkpeople.com as a means to track my nutrition, fitness, etc. If you are on sparkpeople.com you can find me. My screen name is the same there as it is here: SAHMinIL

I don't really have much to say other then I hope I'm finally out of this blogging funk and will star blogging again more regularly.


  1. glad you are back :)

  2. It seems like blogging can fall into seasons. And if you are working on some personal issues right now, that may be why? Anyhow, I'm a new follower from Catholic Mothers Online. Please stop by and return the favor.


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