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March 30, 2011

The end of March! Already?

Wow! Where has the month gone. Little Man has been with us all of March and will be with us all of April. At the end of April he will go back to my mom's for 2 months and then we'll get him back in July.

It's been good having him here, but it also has been an adjustment. I good adjustment, but at times trying. My sister calls (skype) nearly every day and that's AWESOME, but the times she can do that aren't always the best time for us. I have to roll with, because with her being in Iraq-Army it's not like she can just call us when it's best for us.

For example, yesterday, I'm working with the kids on their math. My sister calls on the phone. Minutes are very expensive so when she calls on the phone it's almost always to say "hey why aren't you on the computer". Seeing I figured that's why she is calling I ignored the call and went on helping the kids. The phone then rang again; it was her.  I ignored the call and went on helping the kids. The phone rings again. This time I ignore the call, went to the computer to tell her give me 10 minutes to finish helping the kids and I'll chat with her.  However she wasn't on the computer...OOPS! So when the phone rang again I took the call and apologized to her. Thankfully, she was NOT upset with me.

I told her right away I was helping the kids with their math and I figured you were calling to say get on the computer. So I just ignored it thinking I could get on the computer in about 5-10 minutes and you be there and it be all cool. That wasn't the case yesterday. The only way she could talk to her son yesterday was via phone. She said I figured you were busy and if I kept calling you would get it and answer.

Homeschooling is homeschooling. It's that time of year I think and we just plugging away with it. So there really isn't anything to report. Although I will say the kids are enjoying time at our homeschool group. They especially love the art class. My mom decided to come and teach art at the co-op. It's awesome and all the kids are enjoying it. (Especially all 3 of her grandchildren).

The only other note would be I want warm weather here to stay. We get a day or two w/temps in 60's only to then have several days in the 30s WITH snow! April is just days away and it sucks to have temps in the 30s. Although today is almost 50, but I doubt it will stay. (Yesterday it was in the 30s).

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  1. Oh I know what is up IL I got all used to having the windows open and now I've had the heat on?! lol

    Saying a prayer for your sister.


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