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March 23, 2011

How can you homeschool?

I promised those that followed my facebook fan page that I would have this post for you later this week. I know as homeschoolers we get asked this all the time, but its generally coupled with about your education level? What makes you qualify to teach? About socialization? What about college? If you are a homeschooler you know what the common cliche questions are.

The question I received this week wasn't one of the normal cliche questions. It was  a new question. I have to admit that when the question started I almost didn't listen, because I was sure what the question was going to be before it left the questioners lips. However before I answered his question I actually paused to think about what was said and thought "oh wait my answer is not going to apply in this question".

I should have taken that lesson of the importance of fully listening and applied it other areas of my life this week, but that's another post for another day. Anyway.... The question was "How can you homeschool when HE (my son SS) doesn't know everything?"

Yes, how can I homeschool Superstar when he doesn't know everything? This question, once I stopped to actually listen to it, made me smile and chuckle and I asked the critic in reply "Well do you know everything?" The critic responded with "Yes, I do", but what I can expect from an 11 year old.

Yep that's right a 11 year-old question my homeschooling this week. His concern wasn't about my son being around other kids, or about MY qualifications, his concern was the fact that my son doesn't know everything, thus how could I homeschool him. How is that possible?

Out of all the questions we get asked, I never thought I would have to answer questions from a 11 year old. Not only that but that question didn't have anything to do with the normal cliche questions homeschoolers get. It wasn't really about anything, seeing we go to school to learn! So it really is okay that my son doesn't know everything, that's why he's being homeschooled!

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