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December 16, 2010

Happy Meals are Banned!

Back in April 2010, I shared how in  a CA county there might be an ordinance/law that would banned toys being sold with happy meals. Well this ordinance/law just passed and will be in effect by Dec, 2011. I think it's great that the Mayor tried to veto the ordinance, but the committy over ruled the mayor's veto. Thus it will still be law.  What is happening to our FREE market?

It's not McD's fault it's parents lack of will power and willingness to tell their children NO! We frequent fast food joints, more often then I really would like to omit, but I can tell you it's been a good year now since my kids have had a Happy Meal. One they NEVER liked fries; second they have never cared for the apples either. So I would spend the money for the drink, hamburger, and toy. Instead of doing that and throwing away food. I've resorted to just ordering of the dollar menu for the children. They eat all the food then and it's cheaper.

Superstar: McChicken, yogurt, and water. Cost $2
Web-Princess: McDouble, yogurt, and water. Cost $2.
(water if free if you are ordering food; I just get the cup and the kids will fill it up w/water at the soda machine)

That is my spending habits now, but not everyone is like me and that's fine. I just think government is over reaching when they go into the private market place and dictate what can and can not be sold with a product.

This morning thinking about it: I wonder if McD could get around the ordinance by charging extra for toys?? Similar to charging more to get cheese on a sandwich? The toys, technically would no longer be sold with the meal, but consumers would have the option to buy them. "Yes, I would like a hamburger happy meal with fries, soda, and a toy please".

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