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December 17, 2010

The Brain Dissection

We finished up our ExploraVision projects with a sheep's brain dissection. Of course no brain dissection is complete without some food first! First pizza, then brain dissection.
Image is from our co-op's site: I-HOPE. Used with permission.
The sheep's brain honestly felt much smoother then what any of us imagine. That really was a shock for all of us. Even the outside of the brain where it looks all wrinkly was relatively smooth.

Doing the ExploraVision project hasn't been exactly easy for us, however I'm glad we decided to do it. Web-princess and Superstar really did get to learn a lot about the brain, ADD, ADHD, cochlear implants, and other learning disabilities and what effect they have on the human brain.  Dissecting the sheep's brain was just icing on the cake so to speak. After spending weeks learning about the different lobes and their functions they got to see the different lobes on a real brain!

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