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May 19, 2010

Rainbow Shash plans on Crashing In.

Nothing like having your Sunday Worship Service being disturb by a group of people that do not agree with your beliefs. In country where we have a freedom of religion, a group call Rainbow Sash has decided that they will crash and disrupt Mass @ several of the nations Cathedrals this Sunday May 23, 2010. WHY? Well they don't agree with the (Catholic) Church's stance on homosexual relationships.

Look if you don't like the teaching then go start your own church or join a church that teaches what you believe. Plan and simple, this is America we do have freedom of Religion. So There!

Just because you don't like what the Church teaches doesn't mean you have the right to disturb the worship services of hundreds of people that clearly have no issue with the teachings. If they had a issue they would not be there. DUH!

T/H: Judy @ Benmakesten


  1. AMEN, You dont like it, dont go a=nd mess up someone elses Services.
    I so agree with you on that.
    Just have to pray even harder for them though...

  2. :) Thanks Renee' :) I like the new avatar (your picture here). It's nice!


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