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May 15, 2010

I just needed to call her!

I was on my way to the store and the phone kept ringing. It was my husband's phone but by the time I got to it the call had gone to voice mail.  I call back, but no one is answering. UGH! I then listen to the voice mail, it was Web-princess, talking about her allergy medicine and how she can't find it.

So I called back no one is answering. UGH. I'm thinking she has medicine, a whole bottle, surely she doesn't need more right? The phone rings, I answer, it's Web-princess, "Mom I can't find my allergy medicine. I looked in the cupboard, but I can't find it." I tell her that it should be there let me talk to daddy. She said okay and the phone goes click! UGH she hung up on me.

I call again, no one answers. My phone rings again it's Web-princess. Daddy said to call you back because he's mowing. Now I'm really confused.... I tell her to give the phone to Dad and let me talk to him.  DH gets on the phone, I inquire about Web-princess' allergy medicine. He's not sure what's going on. I tell him Web-princess has been calling me because she can't find her allergy medicine.

The next thing I hear is DH giving Web-princess a stern talking too. He's telling her "You are NOT old enough to give yourself medicine". Then he turns his conversation to me and says "I don't know what she was thinking. I'm sorry she was bothering you." I tell him, it's okay, I didn't know what was going on. I didn't know if you told her to call because you thought I needed to get more or what.

On the way home I reflexed on this and thought about Karen and one of her latest blog entries regarding her 8 almost 9 year old daughter. (Karen's daughter is about 10-12 months older then Web-princess.) I thought to myself, what is worst a 8/9 year old thinking they can administer their own medication to themselves or 8/9 year old accidentally calling a foreign country? Honestly I don't know what is worst, they both are pretty bad in their own right.

Although I should add that once I got home I learned that she really didn't want to give herself the medication. She just, at that moment, thought it was important to know where it was and was disturbed that she couldn't find it.  Seeing that daddy was mowing she decided to call mom and ask about the medication. I just think she wanted to talk on the phone..... LOL (At least it was a local call LOL)


  1. There must be something in the air this time of year! If I had to choose between my 8 year old dosing herself with medicine or dialing costly obscure country (which by the way is a great occasion for a geography lesson), I'd take the expensive phone call.

    What on earth is going on with these girls?

  2. Yes it's something in the air!!! :) I'm with you I would much rather have an expensive phone call...

  3. You never know what is going to be important to a child!

  4. Ah oh...poor webprincess got a scolding for that one for sure...good lesson learned though, right? HA HA
    I might be able to answer your "what is worse than" question...

    When Mary Helen was a baby, Laura, Jake, and Tom were playing with her and she picked up the receiver of our phone and started pressing buttons and pretending to talk. They all laughed...that is...until the phone rang and a very very stern male voice demanded to talk to a parent...I got on the phone, only to learn that she had dialed 911 and that several emergency vehicles had been automatically dispatched to our address and were on their way!!!!! The man scolded ME and told me to supervise my childrens' use of the telephone better in the future!
    Now, my kids tease em and say, "Mom, remember when that guy yelled at you because Mary called 911?" "It is NOT funny" I reply. UGH!

  5. I know the 911 is not funny, but it had me in stitches! LOL Thanks for sharing Judy!


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