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December 31, 2009

AFO (Braces) Are Here!!

This is how Superstar's feet where back in June when this whole process started:
He was NOT able to put his heels to the ground! No matter how hard he tried! It has been a trying summer and long fall with MRI and other testings. We finally after a delay due to illness were able to have surgery done. Surgery result in Superstar wearing casts for the last 6 weeks. However it was all worth it after seeing him today! This is below is him standing today!!!
Can I just say that I'm thrilled and overjoyed to see him stand flat footed! He has NEVER done that his whole life!! It's really amazing thing to see. In the picture above he IS wearing his new AFO (braces) and long with his NEW shoes. Can I just also say I was shock and taken back when we were were told we could get him a 5 mens! We were told a 5 Kids is the same as a 5 mens. We got from the kids department because Superstar liked the choice better. PRIOR to surgery he wore a 2 1/2. So I was shock to know his feet grew so much. If it wasn't for the brace he would have been in a 4 1/2. So 2 size in the last 6 weeks is A LOT!!!

Just so you can have a better look at Superstar's AFO! We love the turtle on the back with the rocket attached to its back. It reminds me of the looney toons cartoons I grew up watching with the coyote always trying to get the roadrunner! LOL Superstar will have to wear braces now for the next 2-3 years.


  1. I know your heart must be bursting with pure joy!

  2. My son had the same surgery, he had the same exact problem. We tried serial casting, therapy-everything. Surgery was the only thing that worked. Ours was in 2006 and he is still flat on his feet, Praise God! Glad your son is too!



    HOORAY Superstar!!!!!
    Those braces look AWESOME man!

    We are SO happy for you!

  4. Hi Angela- We went straight to surgery, based on the recommendations from the doctors that seen him. He was willing to do serial casting if he wanted too, but told us it would not work, because of the severity.

  5. So happy to read this good news! Have a Happy New Year!


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