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December 17, 2009

I could never homeschool!

One of the most common things I hear from non-homeschoolers, family, other bloggers, and friends is "I could never do that!"; "I don't have the patience to be with my child 24/7"; "I need adult time: Time with other adults"; "I need me time"; etc.

First, I would like to say I'm not a saint, nor am I super human. I have my days where I'm pulling out my hair, stressed to the max, and saying "Why?" Then I have my days were everything is peachy keen and right with the world. Those days make everything worth wild!

I understand where my relatives, fellow bloggers, and friends are coming from. I was in the same mind set at one point in my life and at times slip back into that mind set. If a person chooses to homeschool then they are choosing to take on some personal growth.  Growth that up to that point they may have been resistant to do and growth that at times they may fight even with homeschooling.

Choosing to homeschool is like choosing to get married. It requires some personal growth and determination from everyone evolved. Like marriage, it takes hard work, some days are better then others.  Everyday I get up and everyday I make the choice to love my husband and to homeschool my children that day. Some days it's an easy thing to do; other days it leaves me pulling out my hair. At the end of the day I'm glad that I made that choice. It's a choice I have to make everyday.

Homeschooling like marriage is not for everyone. It takes some deep soul searching to find out if you got it within you to do. It also takes daily work and a renewal each day to hold fast to that commitment. It, like marriage, also requires you to grow....

What about me time? Time with adults and all the rest?  Well honestly most homeschoolers network with other homeschoolers. Those networks allow you to connect with other parents (i.e. adults). How much interaction you get is totally depended on you and how much you want or need.

If you connect especially well with another family then you will find yourself making play dates with these other families above and beyond your homeschooling group meetings.

For me time? Make arrangements with your husband. Perhaps he can watch the kids for a hour or 2 on a Saturday and you can just take off doing something you like: walking in the park, reading a book at the library, window shopping, just grocery shopping without the kids in toe. Or just go for a walk around the block without the kids, join a gym if you can afford it. Whatever really. Honestly even if you worked outside the home you would still need to find that little bit of alone time at some point. If mothers and fathers that work outside the home can find that little bit of alone time so can homeschooling parents. It just takes some creative planning and cooperation with your spouse on making it work.


  1. Great post. I felt this way myself. I thought I could never ever homeschool, but I am doing it. And, I actually enjoy it. You are so right about those not so great days, but on the good days I do reflect and I am very thankful to experience teaching my own children. I am definitely growing as a person, mother, wife, and teacher (which is also my professional job). Again, your post was great.

  2. Homeschooling was not something I chose, rather it chose me. Like you, I have days where I want to pull my hair out (i.e. today!), but for the most part it is very good. Homeschooling is the calling God has for me at this point in my life, and He gives me the grace to get the job done. Knowing I am on His path, brings a peace to my life I had never experienced in the past. Like most things in life, it isn't easy. But it is worth the effort. The fruits of our labor are so sweet.

  3. So well said! Thank you! I love the comparison to marriage...SO TRUE! I was a music ed. major in college. One of my advisors said, "You will have more bad days than good, but the good days make it all worthwhile." The same can be said of HS'ing. I try to remember that on those really tough days.

    BTW - I have a surprise at my blog for you. Check it out if you have the time: http://threeblessingsacademy.blogspot.com/2009/12/honesty-is-best-policy.html

  4. Homeschooling is so much easier and less stressful than sending my son to school! Combine one very bright kid, major food allergies, social issues because he loves learning and not sports: school disaster! Honestly, I don't usually use 2 exclamation marks in a row, but I've found that homeschooling causes all of us so much less stress than dealing with all the issues of a classroom, from children being prevented from learning at their natural pace to bullying to schedule overload. What I see is a lot of parents criticize homeschooling because they can't imagine spending that much time with their child/ren because they don't much like the person said child is: well, whose fault is that, parents? God gave you the job of shaping your child's character, now do it!
    p.s. I have no desire to overthrow the government, but I could really go for some "mom talk" and a hot fudge sundae.


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