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December 4, 2009

Update: ITW Surgery

I've had a few people ask how's Superstar doing? Is he stir crazy? Well he's doing FINE! NO more pain meds. He's been off of those since about Nov 23rd. That's almost 2 weeks no meds.

He started walking on Nov 27 and has not stop! He really does everything on his own. Everything but bathing that it. I have to give him a sponge bath to avoid getting the casts wet. We were told that we could put them in trash bag and duct tape the bags shut around his legs/casts. However after talking it over we were afraid that was too risky! We really do not want to get these things wet.

Around the house he does great. If he wants a drink then he gets one; If he needs a bathroom break then he goes all by himself. At meal times and school times he sits at the table with NO wheel chair. As a matter of the fact the wheel chair has found a permanent home in the trunk of our car. It is only used now for church, shopping, and things of that nature where it would be easier to use the wheel chair vs having him walk.

Besides the weather here as been a bit on the wet side with snow/rain. So we like to keep him from walking when outside to help avoid the moisture. He has his boot and sock to put on over the casts and that does help, but the less walking where there is moisture the better. (In our opinion).

There are even moments that Superstar walks without the walker. Often it's when he's not thinking about it. It just happens. Sometimes he even startles himself when he does that.  So things are going good. Honestly, if it wasn't for those strange green and blue things on his legs you wouldn't even know! LOL

I even forget sometimes. For example I took them to the gym with me the other day and left them in the child care room. When I came back to get them Superstar was crawling around. (He does that when he's super tired of walking). I looked at him and told him to get up and walk, totally forgetting for a moment WHY he was crawling. He just looked at me and said but Mom I'm.... and before he could finish I said "It's okay. You can crawl here, I just forgot for a moment that's all". He did speed up the crawl after that.... LOL

So things are going really really well!


  1. so glad he is doing better! I know he is stir crazy :)

  2. Glad to hear that he's moving around. Good for him! How much longer will he be in the casts?

  3. We see the Doctor on the 22nd of this month. If everything looks good they will come of then!!! If they don't come off then we will get a date then.

  4. Glad to hear he is doing well. God bless!

  5. Such wonderful news!
    We are so happy to read that things are going so well!
    You guys are SUCH troopers!
    God bless you all!

  6. I think we could all use a little crawling now and then. ;o)


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