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April 14, 2011

Mom's Health

Wow, Wow, Wow! Is really all I have to stay regarding my good friend's, Judy Dudich, talk today about Mom's Health! Judy's website is: Homeschool Faith and Family Life.  Her talk that aired earlier this morning was apart of the ultimate homeschool expo.


  1. Oh! You are SO SWEET to share this on your blog! THANK YOU NIKKI!
    I was so happy to see that you enjoyed the talk on Mom's Good Health...I wanted to come into the chat room but was afraid I wouldn't be able to "chat" and "talk" at the same time, ha ha! I entered afterward but you were already gone:(
    I hope you heard me mention you and your hubby in my talk about date nights at the gym!!!! MUCH LOVE and thanks again for sharing this!

  2. LOL As you seen on your facebook page I totally missed that part while it was live! Heard you say Y and I heard you say something along the lines that doesn't work for us, but I totally missed WHO you were talking about.

    It wasn't until I re-listen to the talk this afternoon that I realized that it was us, my hubby and I! LOL

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