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September 13, 2010

Liquid, Gas, Solid

We know that matter comes in three forms; Liquid, Gas and Solid. I'm sure everyone knows that those 3 forms can be easily shown at home with water. However did you know it can be shown with a candle too?

The candle is a solid. When it is heated up it turns into a liquid and gas. After the candle burns for a period of time you can clearly see the liquid wax. It's possible to see the gas by relighting the "smoke" from the candle right after you blow it out. This is because the smoke is really not smoke but the candle wax in its gas state.

Although technically that gas is not a gas but a vapor. However seeing my children are young and we are just trying to grasp the idea of solid, liquid, and gas, I feel it's okay for us, at this time, to describe the vapor as a gas.

Please see our video:

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