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September 26, 2010

FYI: Catholic Bloggers

I know several of my followers participate in the Catholic Mothers Online Blogroll. Angie at Catholic Mothers Online has important information regarding changes to the blogroll!

Several Members of this blogroll have had their sites  labeled as malware and need to remove the old blogroll from their site. There is a NEW malware free options available to them!

Please see Catholic Mothers Online for details


  1. LOL -- just to be clear, there never was a "malware option." ;) It was labeling them as malware in error. I don't want anyone to worry that they got something nasty on their blog from the blogrolling script. But, I'm glad to have it all gone all the same. :)

    Thanks for passing along the word!

  2. Thanks for visiting today Angie and for offering your clarification. I hope the word gets around! There are several blogs that I want to read, but can't because of that stupid "LABEL".

    I was glad to hear that it was just a label that google slapped on it, and not actual malware, but still just the same as end user is frustrating to go visit someone only to get the big red screen of death warning me that my visit could mean getting infected with malware.

    Anytime I get the red screen I never click through then to the blog or site. I'm glad to know that in regards to CMO it's just a label, but I can't assume that it's the case with every time I see that red screen.


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