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August 18, 2010

Bald Eagle

photo by mnlamberson

I sincerely wish I had pictures of what I SAW to share with you. It was one of the moments you don't expect to happen, and why would you. Sunday after Mass we met up with my Father In Law at the local pizza range. As we were pulling into the parking lot, I said oh look at the "Hawk", but then I realized that this hawk was much larger then any hawk I've seen. Not only that but it had a white head and a white tail.

DH parked, and I realized that there were several other people just starring at this bird too. This was a sighting that just made everyone stop dead in their tracks. We all stood there starring watching this bird circle and circle.

My Father-In-Law at first dismissed it as a turkey vulture. However, I questioned it! So he watched a little bit more intently. After several minutes he was sure it was an Eagle; but wouldn't call it a Bald Eagle. I just knew this bird had to be something specially because it wouldn't caused several people to stop and just stare at it. We see hawks and turkey vultures all the time. These sightings do not cause people to stop dead in their tracks and stare for long periods of times.

I'm sure what I seen here in Northern IL was a Bald Eagle. No other large bird to my knowledge has a white head and a white tail!  I know that we went a few hours west towards the Mississippi River and Galena, IL that bald Eagles can be spotted there. However, I've NEVER known them to be in and around "The Forrest City"!

I told hubby, this is one of those times I wished I had my camera. There have been several times where I've thought that perhaps I should just keep my camera on me at all time. This was one of those moments. Then again I just never think if it; I mean why would I need it just to go down the street to the pizza ranch?


  1. I never, I repeat NEVER leave home without my entire camera set up (camera + 2 lenses) it seems silly, but you never know what you'll see! I love bald eagles and what a blessing to be able to see them. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have also seen this and I found that Bald Eagles are going more bald may be that due to the contaminated water or with effect of DDT.


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