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August 28, 2010

ACK!!! NEW Co-Op-Group!

I and another local mom both are feeling that our local homeschool group isn't full filling our needs, wants, or desires for a group. It's a fine group but we both can envision something else.  It's come clear to us that this group will not blossom into what we envision. So we've decided to start our own group from the ground up.

We already know that this group will be welcoming to all homeschoolers regardless of race, creed, or beliefs. This is one aspect we do like about our current group. The next few months will be planning, advertising, and just getting some of the leg work done like "guidelines, rules, etc".

We are hoping to be able to offer the children classes and be a functioning group by January!

For those of you that have started groups or have been involved in the planning process do you have any tips, advice, or anything else that you feel is helpful?



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