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August 5, 2010

UPDATE ON Web-Prinecess

We seen the Pediatric Urologist today. He suspects that it may be vesicoureteral reflux. We will be going to Children's Hospital in Madison soon for more testing. The testing she's going to have done is called a voiding cystourethrogram.

We discussed the care she received in the ER and the multiple CT scans. This is Web-princess second kidney infection. I shared with the pediatric urologist how she had what was labeled as "UTI" a few years ago. I shared how that was also a ER visit because she was delirious. They treated her for UTI, when that happened a few years ago, and sent us home.

Based on the current CT scans, her symptoms that night we landed in the ER, and given how the other one (the one a few years ago) was just as bad, he believe that in both cases they were KIDNEY infections. With that being 2 severe kidney infections we need to look into vesicoureteral reflux and that is why she's having a voiding cystourethrogram done.

For her comfort (and peace of mind) the voiding cystourethrogram (VCUG) is going to be done under anesthesia. She wouldn't let the urologist examine her today. He of course ask if she's been inappropriate touched. Of course I said NO, it's just her wanting her privacy and not being comfortable with the situation. So he didn't press it, and said he didn't have to examine her, and that we would just do the VCUG under anesthesia @ Children's Hospital in Madison, because he doesn't do those kinds of testing here in town.

When we left I apologized to WP. I told her that I should have told her that he was going to want to look, etc. Of course she said "Well if I would have known a head of time I would have been more comfortable and probably would have been okay with it". UGH! She didn't like the fact it was just sprung on her and that's why she was being a bit stubborn with it @ the doctor's office!

So that's where we are at today with Web-princess. Today she's fine, no fevers, no issues, etc. Oh and that's the other thing I need to do. I need to keep a diary of when she pees. I need at least 3 days worth of documentation, but it does NOT need to be 3 consecutive days. I can be say Friday, Monday, Wednesday or Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, etc.


  1. Wow! I'm sorry to hear that she has to go through all that. And you as well. I'll say a prayer for both of you that things get figured out quickly. Glad that you are able to get some answers!

  2. I hope that they can treat her for this. Based on the link you provided, and the description that my friend with kidney problems has given me regarding the medical condition that has lead to her current state I'd say it sounds like Web Princess has the same issue my friend has (the root cause of my friend's issues wasn't discovered until she was in high school).

  3. Praying for her and you. I am glad the Dr. didn't push more on the matter.

  4. I've been through this same thing with my DH's oldest daughter. She ended up having the less invasive surgery to fix the reflux. My pedi told us that it can run in the family; just in case you have other children.


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