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November 17, 2009

Comments Are Moderated!

I LOVE comments but they are moderated for a good reason! From time to time I get the SPAM post about this or that and other things that would not be good for my blog or readers. Sometimes I get comments just letting me know about xyz, because it's tends to be an easy way to contact me :)

I know there are SPAM bots out there that will deposit their SPAM comments and those don't really bother me, it tends to be clear when it's a SPAM bot. I do NOT mind the comments letting me know about xyz, because I know they are doing it for a good reason and they just want me to know about xyz.  NO Biggie! I don't approve them because they aren't related to the topic of the post, but I do see them because of moderation!

I also know that not everyone is going to agree with me and that's cool too! I don't expect everyone to agree with me and for the most part I will approve any comment as long as it's related to the topic of the post. However, I had a comment today regarding my sons surgery that totally crossed the line! This is the first time I've had this happen and I've been blogging for almost a whole year! (I'm sure it won't be the last)

I didn't approved the comment because it totally crossed the line and I'm sorry that someone would say something so cold hearted, mean, and uncalled for about my 8-year-old son!!

Well I've said my piece! Carry on! For those of you that pray please keep my son and the unnamed commenter in your prayers. DH is right someone that would say something so mean and cold-hearted is in need of some serious prayers!


  1. Ok that is just Bull how can someone be so cruel, Man cant they get a life . :( I am so sorry someone said the mean things :(
    They have nothing better to do then make peoples life misserable propbably because they them selves are misserable :(

    Huggs to you and DS.
    Is the surgery still on? Keep me up top date on it, Ill add him Sunday to our Churches prayer List and the rest of the Family.
    Hugggs , Sisters through Christ :)


  2. I get those every once in a while too and it's always shocking! The first thought that pops into my mind is that this person must be so incredibly unhappy to go around saying stuff like that to other people (not to mention cowardly since they usually sign it anonymously). I'm sorry someone said something so mean, especially about your son!

    We'll keep him in our prayers (and all the mean commenters out there too).

  3. That is horrible that someone would use your son's surgery to attack. Unexcusable! I totally undertand why you would moderate comments. Glad his surgery went well.

  4. Sorry you went through that SAHMinIL.
    ::SAD FACE::


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