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November 30, 2009

More On Linux!

I mention the other day that I was testing Linux. Well since that test DH has totally wiped out my computer and loaded Ubuntu 9.10 on it! So now I'm totally windows/Microsoft FREE!

We found compatibility software via Ubuntu that allows me to still use my palm, camera, and video camera. I have OpenOffice.org for all of my word processing, spreadsheets, needs. As a matter of fact OpenOffice.org is compatible with Microsoft Office.

The downside is that pretty much all of our software, including the children's games, are not compatible with Ubuntu. However, we have found games and software for Ubuntu/Linux that is comparable to what we have so we are going to be using that instead.

One big thing that did NOT work was Homeschool Tracker Plus! I guess my statement about being Microsoft free was false! OOPS! We have a 3rd computer that my husband remote connects to for work while he's at work. It's a machine that he uses to test things while he's working. He as loaded Homeschool Tracker Plus onto that machine for me and has given me remote access. So when I need to use my tracker program I just remote connect to that 3rd PC from my computer. This is because I really did not want to give up Homeschool Tracker Plus! This worked for us, because we have that 3rd computer for my husband's job.

The other downside is that we have found our printer is not compatible. So we will have to get a new printer at some point, unless DH can find a patch for our printer to make it compatible with Ubuntu. Printers are somewhat inexpensive and I would at this point rather get a new printer then having to deal with a computer that crashed all the time because I was trying to do to much at once! LOL

I have not have any crashing issues. As a matter of fact things are running faster and better. I feel like I have a brand new, super fast, machine that can handle all of my needs! Especially my "need" to edit pictures, layer pictures, and make "movies". LOL


  1. Great :)
    I got ahold of Jessica last night, she told me about Ubuntu :(), she told me to dl it, But I dont know where to dl it to, Can you ask DH :)
    Also How do I remove windows Vista?

  2. I had to laugh because about a year and a half ago, my husband added Ubuntu to my computer and subsequently wiped out my Windows. I wouldn't have cared, except that my Solitaire game is only on Windows! These are the things that matter to me! LOL

    Don't tell my husband, but I don't mind Ubuntu as much as I used to. :)

  3. Good for you! I have been using Ubuntu for 3 years and I absolutely love it. And with all the free software available, everything (including homeschooling) is so much easier for me. I would NEVER go back to Windows! :-)

  4. So Rachel; What do you use for record keeping? I have been using Homeschool Tracker Plus, but it is NOT compatible with Ubuntu. So what program if any are using w/ubuntu that would be comparable to homeschool tracker plus?

  5. No, unfortunately I haven't found a good alternative to the Homeschool Tracker and I have not been able to get it to run using WINE either. I am still doing a thorough search for something similar, but in the meantime I have been using Spreadsheets to keep track of everything. Lucky for me, I only have one Kindergartner right now. But for the future, I will definitely need something more than a spreadsheet! :-) I will let you know if I find something.

  6. Thank-You Rachel! Hopefully we'll find something. DH has been looking for me as well. He couldn't get it, homeschool tracker, to run in WINE either. Luckily for me DH is a computer tech and needs what is our "3rd Machine" for work.

    That 3rd machine has Windows 2000 on it. He load Homeschool Tracker onto and has taught me how to remote connect to it. So I can be on my computer, but I'm really on that 3rd one.... Currently that is how we also have to do all of our printing too. Our printer is not compatible with Ubuntu.

    We have been thinking about upgrading to a lazer printer anyway because it will save us money with the amount of printing I would like to do. (Ink last longer with lazer printer). So now we just have to make sure that purchase when we are willing to make it is Ubuntu compatible. It looks like if we go with an HP printer we will be in good shape.


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