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May 5, 2011

Classical vs CM vs Literature Based?

I've been thinking about next school year.....

Does any of my readers take a Classical, CM, or Literature Based approach when it comes to homeschooling? I've been thinking about these methods and would like some input and opinions from my readers!



  1. I've never jumped completely into one school of educational style. Instead, I take bits and pieces and try to pull it together.

    I can say that there are times when I really LIKE a textbook approach. And, other times we go for literature based (e.g. reading for the older boys has been almost exclusively novels and non-fiction titles rather than a textbook.) Classical is probably where I have the least experience.

  2. Do you have a ticket to the Expo?
    Today's talk at 4 pm was Regina Hicks and she was speaking about the Thomas Jefferson Classical approach to homeschooling! My "heart" would LOVE to go totally CM/Classical style...but somehow I always stick with texts and workbooks (with some other fun stuff thrown in) in order to make things easier on myself when compiling a portfolio for the state of PA; which has so many subject requirements...seems to me those "unschooling" methods pose a difficulty when trying to come up with "Paper" assignments to put into the portfolio...any thoughts on that?

  3. No Jude I don't have the ticket to the Expo.... :( I could have listen to it live still (via blogtalk) but I wasn't able too at that time, so I've missed out.

    I'm not sure if I would classified CM as an "unschooling". I've been following AO (Ambleside Online) email group and several of them have their child do written narration. (vs the traditional oral). I think if you collected the narration that would help.

    Really I don't know how to reconcile the need for paper work and CM/Classical style..... Perhaps some of my other readers will?


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