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May 23, 2011

Love A Good Book Sale!!

Love a good book sale. My favorite tends to be first day of our local library's book sale.  First day it's $5 per grocery bag, second day $3 per grocery bag, and the last day $1 per grocery bag.  Of course the last day is the "cheapest" money wise, but the selection is nearly always picked over and I don't get as many books I truly want.

So we went to opening day within the second hour. Selection was still fair. I got a grocery bag full of books for $5. Many of the book would have cost me $5 each new!!!

pile of books I got for $5

Score! However the BIGGEST score we received that day was an 1993 encyclopedia set for $10!!! Yep that's right I got the complete encyclopedia set for the rock bottom price of $10

The blue set is the new ones we got for $10.
The other set below it is from the 1960's and belong to my grandmother.


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