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February 1, 2013

Netflix and Hulu Plus

In an effort to cut our monthly bills we have cut out Cable TV. We had done this once before and after a year without cable TV we added it back and have had it for the last several years.

The first time we cut it was because we were seeking to get out of debit. This time was just to truly reduce our bills. We have looked at an alternative cell phone company as well. Any suggestions?

We might not have cable TV but we do have Netflix and Hulu Plus.  Do you have Netflix or Hulu Plus? Are there any shows you like to watch? Do you use any of the shows for your schooling?

I have found the first season of Drive Thru History and Mythbusters on Netflix. We watch Once Upon A Time on Hulu Plus. We also have watch various documentaries on both Netflix and Hulu Plus.


  1. I wish we could cancel cable! We are down to basic cable ($25/month) but DH "needs" access to sports and DD "needs" PBS kids. We do have a Roku player, and a Netflix Instant Watch subscription ($8/month). I had HuluPlus, but resented having to pay for TV with commercials, and found it overlapped a lot with Netflix. We also have Crackle, Popcorn and Nowhereman TV channels on the Roku, all free. I did add the Amazon TV channel, and purchase shows individually as needed ($1.99/show). Good luck on your budget. I'm one month into my goal of becoming debt free, tracking it on my blog, www.catholicre.blogspot.com. I look forward to reading your blog!

  2. hey why did Judy close BENMAKESTEN?

    1. Hi, Renee.

      Judy has removed ALL of her websites, blogs, and other internet activities. She felt it was a calling from God to disconnect from the world wide web. So she's no longer online.

  3. I wish I could get Jeff to cut the dish out, wow it is high, and during the day Jacob,and I rarely ever watch tv,so it is basically only on when he gets in,so about 4 hours a day until he goes to bed.

  4. oh ok, Tell her Jacob,and I say Hi :)


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