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January 25, 2013

Bananas In Pajamas

I think, at times, my kids would love to be Bananas in Pajamas. Not because they are bananas. Not because they love to chase teddy bears. But because they are in pajamas!

I will admit there are days that my kids are in pajamas all day, especially this time of year when it's to cold to be outside and we have no where to go.  If I ask them to get dress I often hear "Where are we going?"

I have thought about having the kids were 'uniforms' but they seem resistant to the idea. Just this week they were sharing with their dad about my wishes for them to wear uniforms and how that's crazy because we homeschool.

The days the kids get dress we do get more done. I see that getting dress does changed the mood and the willingness to work.  It's not like they fight me when they are in their pajamas, but they clearly work better when they get dress.

What do you do? Do your kids get dress every day? Do they have days in their pajamas? Do you your kids wear an uniform. Please share!


  1. No uniforms here...and we have pajama days every once in a while. But we actually have afternoon outings three days a week so they definitely get dressed then. And the days we're home, we have little kids here to babysit - so I think the girls want to get dressed most of the time, knowing the babies' parents will be here. They probably ask for a pajama day once a month, and I'm happy to oblige them at that rate. :^) Now, that said, they often spend Saturdays in their jammies - even if they get dressed to run errands with my husband, they change right back when they get home if we're not going out again!

  2. We have occasional pajama days, more him than me. Of course when he is sick, it is a pajama day. Usually we have a lot of outside work to do, so he has to get dressed anyway. As far as getting work done - he can just as easily procrastinate in play clothes as pajamas.


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