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September 5, 2011

Summer IS Over!!

Today is labor day, thus summer is over!! Well for many summer may have been over for while with the dawn of back to school time. I was going to start school here 2 weeks ago. I was set to go and everything, but hubby told the kids they didn't have to start school till after labor day and well that just trumped mommy's plans! The kids even told me so "Daddy's the principal and the principal is the teacher's boss, so you have to listen to daddy: No school until after labor day!"

We'll be starting off small this week the focus will be math, science, and world history. Next week I'll add in some spelling and grammar, and then a few more weeks after that I'll add some US history, writing, and reading.  I'm really looking forward to this school year more so then in years pass. I think it's because I've found my groove in some ways.

I can't believe that summer is over! It went bad pretty fast. Between the 3 kids, weekly gathering with the homeschool group I started and talking to my sister via the computer all the time I just got burned out on blogging itself.

I'm looking forward to this Friday! I've made arrangement for the kids to work at a Real archaeological dig! So exciting! I'm ll be posting pictures and blogging about that for sure!


  1. woohoo time for deer chili,stews,fresh homemade cornbreads :)

  2. those are a few of my favorite things, right Renee?

    I personally love chili, stews, fresh homemade breads, etc. Although I've never have had deer chili.


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