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December 28, 2008


Sleepless nights! Why?? I know that I need to rest so I can be the best I can be for the kids tomorrow....what good is the "teacher" when she's sleepy and worn out!!

Sometimes I'm just restless and I can't sleep: I don't understand why?? Perhaps I'm nervous about this week, about tomorrow (although tomorrow will be here in less then 20 minutes).

I've decided to take a little bit different approach with the schooling, so I'm sure that is playing on me. I'm worried about the kids acceptance. I'm also worried about them "listening". We are going to be doing more Mommy reads and you listen.

I've tired doing some of that before, but it was faced with statements like "boring". I should point out as soon as I mention I was going to grab a book I got the response "boring"; the kids just didn't want to do it, so before we could even start they would start saying how boring it was. I, of course, being the "newbie" would just roll with that and do something else, but after months of doing that I want change.

I want the kids to do somethings that I want them to do, even if they think it's "boring". There are things that I've been wanting to read to them or have them listen too; so I'm taking this on and we are going to be doing something that the kids may think are boring, but I think it will do them good and me good.

Of course I don't want this to become a fight, but I think it's time we do things a little different. I know my own fears about how the kids will react is what is keeping me up. So I pray that it goes well!! A post later tomorrow (yep I check the clock it's still Sunday) will let you know how it went.

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