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December 29, 2008

MATH!!! We are driving each other crazy

Well our day started good and for DS it went went really well! He stayed focus and moved right along at a pace that I've never seen out of him before. It was great!! Quick, Easy, and knowledgeable....he's done and has been done for a while now!!!

DD was doing good until it came time for her "independent" work: Spelling, Math, and Reading. Spelling she put up a front, but I worked through it and it got done.

Math is even a stronger front and we still have 1/2 of it to do!!! I hate this with her. She can do the work, I know she can, but she just wont do it.....It's just frustrating beyond believe. I can't sit next to her while she does each and every problem. Don't get me wrong I will help her; I want to help her, but I also want her to do the work on her own. I want to be able to put a load of laundry in, wash some dishes, sweep the floor etc while she's working and if she needs my help with a problem then fine I'll stop what I'm doing and help.

I just don't want to sit next to her the whole time and watch her do the work and then have her ask me if her answer is correct before she writes the answer. UGH!!!

Is it really that hard to ask a 6 (almost 7 year old) to do some math work on her own!!! I guess what upsets me the most is I know if she was still in PS (public school) is that the teacher would not sit with her for each and every problem, so why does she expect me to sit with her for every problem??? UGH!!!

One more time: UGH!!!!

And to top it of she still has reading to do and here it is after 1 pm and I'm thinking about how dinner needs to be made the house needs to be clean and now I'm not sure if it's going to get done....I may be up late again tonight, not because I can't sleep but because I feel like I need to get ORDER into my home!!!!

Why??? Why??? Does it have to be like this!!!!! Help Me!!

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