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October 23, 2015

Hackers: A huge downer to your day

Hackers A huge downer to your day 
Yeah that's right hackers! They can really mess up your day.

Yesterday, I woke up late. Well not that there is really such a thing as "late" when you homeschool, but my son isn't being homeschool right now (I wish that was different). I had to get him to the school yesterday morning for art club.

So I woke up realized it was 815 the same time he is due at the school. I asked him why he didn't get me up -- not that it is truly his job, but generally speaking when he's due somewhere he's sure I or hubby are ready to go. He hates being late (as do I).

"It was a simple I forgot that it was this morning, mom." So I quickly checked with him if he wanted to still be apart of art club. Yep, he does; he simply forgot. Do you still want me to take you even though you will be late this morning? Yep, I do.  As I grab my keys and head out the door -- my daughter announces we are out of cereal bars can you grab some? I tell her no, I'm not really dress for public. I just need to get him to the school and back home. I will go later.

On the way to the school I had a change of heart over the cereal bars. My daughter has been having dizzy spells and episodes of vision lost. We have seen some specialist and have come to the conclusion that the issue is she doesn't eat breakfast. She simply is not the breakfast eating type -- so cereal bars  have been working. It gets something in her and we haven't had issues with vision or dizziness. So, because I realized it would be better for her I decided I would do a quick stop at dollar tree. -- not what I normally do for cereal bars, but I knew they had them, the store is small, and it would be a quick in and out -- which is what I wanted seeing I wasn't truly dress for public.

I get to dollar tree, grab some cereal bars, go to to check out. card denied. What? Try again. card denied. I get on my phone check my bank account. I have money. Try again please.  Card denied.

So, here I am a hot mess -- not really dressed for public -- my card is not working. So what do I do? I call the bank. Bank "We need to come down". Okay.

I get there. They take me into the office. My card was flagged as hot.  There was transactions that the bank thought were not me. So we needed to verify some transactions. Did you spend xxxx at target? No, I did not.  Did you attempt to use the card here? Yes. that was me. Did you do this one?  I'm not sure. Maybe it was me? Where is that again? No. that's not me.

Okay, well we know that some of the transactions are fraud so we need to issue you a new card. You can either wait 7 days for the new card, or you can spend $8 for a new card today and it will be active and usable within the hour.  -- I will spend the $8 please. I need/want a card today. I do not want to go a week without one.  Okay Mrs. W just a few more questions, sign here, and you will be on your way.

This is the THIRD time this has happen to us. We quit using cards online because of the first 2 hacks. So this time we know, because this card is NEVER used online, it was hacked by someone local. We do not know who or where? Any time you go to the store, gas station, fast food, etc you run the risk of being hacked.  -- UGH it's so frustrating.

I already woke up late yesterday morning and what should have been a 20 min. thing taking the boy to school and running to dollar tree ending up being 3 hour ordeal and my whole morning was shot! Luckily, my daughter, who is still being homeschooled, can do her work independently mostly -- but still this was NOT how I wanted to spend my morning.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something.

So how did your day go? Did it go as planned? What do you do when things don't go as planned? Ever work up late? Leave a comment!


  1. Oh no, that's awful and I must say, it's something I have never considered! What a crap day! I find that things quite often don't go exactly as planned. :) Just last week my little boy took some chili peppers in the car to school with him and opened them up and rubbed his hands all over his eyes...it sounds too weird to be true but I assure you it happened. All the screaming and crying and trying to get chili pepper out of his eyes threw me a little bit that day for sure. :)

    1. oh no. poor thing. I believe you. I might not handle hot peppers often, but I know the oils and stuff can cause huge problems like that when not careful.


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