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July 18, 2015

Visiting Wetlands

Local to us is a wetland. We have seen the signs for the last several years, but never drove out there. It's not a far drive about 8 minutes or less from my home.

Tonight, we went for ice cream in town and I told hubby we should go out there and take a look.

Awesome! We did not stay long because of the bugs. need bug spray. had none. big mistake.

In our very short stay besides being eaten alive by the bugs we saw pelican and a beaver. First time I have ever saw a beaver in real life. I wanted to stay longer to see if he would come back out, but the bugs were just to much. 

Going to go back soon and maybe a few times and do a nature study. So wish we have been out there sooner. Do you have a local but hidden gem?

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