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March 12, 2015

We are walking now!

"This must be like life was like for Laurawhen she walked 3 miles for school". That is what my daughter told me earlier this week when we had no choice, but to walk home from the store because our one and only running vehicle broke down.

What a week it has been. Need to go to the store: walk. Need to go to the library so my son can do his volunteer hours: walk. Need.... well be prepared to walk!

Thankfully, my kids even though we had to cancel chorus, cancel meeting ups with homeschool friends, cancel seeing A Midsummer Night's Dream, have been very helpful and understanding. They even willing and cheerfully walked to the store with me so we could carry more groceries home then I would have if I went alone.

My daughter, who is nearly 13 now, warmed my heart and helped me stay positive this whole week. She told me "We are lucky God blessed us with a good weather day for walking".   Yes, my dear, we were. We have been blessed that this whole week has been nice. Today, I was out and and about in just a heavy sweater.  Being in Northern Illinois the weather can be a hit or a miss.  The other plus I guess to the all the walking is I actually hit 10,000 steps per day! I have been using an iFitto track my walking, eating, etc.  So it was nice to see me actually hit that mark. Most days I get around 3,000 steps in and there have been some days where is a shameful 500!

Besides walking everywhere this week, often for at least 2 miles one way, we celebrated one of our puppy's first birthday.  Puggy, our fawn color puggle, turned 1 on Wednesday.  It won't be long until our black puggle, Onyx, will be one too.  Puggy and Onyx like to share there day to day activities on their facebook page: Unofficial Puggy.  --- the page was started when we only have Puggy.  Maybe we should change the name? Maybe not! Anyway you can check out their page.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something.

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