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November 2, 2011

Spelling Power

Spelling Power. Have you heard of it? Have you used it? Do you like it? What are your thoughts of the program?  I was able to buy the book used along with the resource CD and quick start DVD. This is our second day of using it and so far so good.

The kids seem to enjoy it. Set up hasn't been to bad. We are still trying to get into the flow of it. I think things will move much smoother then they do now once we are use to the program.

Because of using this program I realized that my daughter doesn't use lower case letter or capital letters in the correct format. For example she'll right things like SEvEnTh. I've, also, noticed that certain letters like B, D, G, E, T are always written in the capital form. She did this before when working with spelling list, but I never really correct that, nor did I really pay attention to how often she did that. Spelling Power wants you to correct those kind of mistakes. So I've been correcting her. Luckily that doesn't bother her much. Hopefully it will stay that way.

We haven't done much "traditional" writing.  I've let my kids over the last few years do writing on the computer, because I wanted to build on their computer skills. However now I'm seeing that perhaps that wasn't the wisest thing seeing their true writing and penmanship skills have suffered.

Do any of you have any suggestions for workbooks and activities to improve writing and penmanship for OLDER children?


  1. I always thought it was too expensive. I prefer The Natural Speller.

    What about trying CHC for older children? They have grammar/writing booklets and also penmanship workbooks. Seton also has them, they both offer sample pages so you could see what you like better.

  2. Queen Homeschool Supplies has copywork books for kids of all ages. That could be a good penmanship source for you.

  3. Thank-you ladies for the suggestions keep them coming!!

  4. I was about to mention CHC and I see someone already did...but what I use is the CHC Language of God books...it's an "English" book, per se...but in the back of it, there are "appendixes" that are to be used in conjunction with certain pages in the book...and these are always little writing or copywork assignments...it has helped Gracie and Joey with their cursive...because I will instruct them to use cursive while doing it.
    Also...have them write to their pen pals, hint hint...::smile::
    Seriously though, you could "instruct" them to use cursive or proper lettering in their pen pal letters...I always make the kids do a "rough draft" pen pal letter first...this doubles as a writing class for us then:)
    I actually think, that more than "writing practice" WP needs "Grammar" practice...it would be in the English/Language Arts that she would review the "proper" use of capital and lower-case letters.

  5. Thanks Judy for your suggestions as well. :)


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